Retain More Agency Profits

Most insurance agencies and companies are king of their bottom line and profit margin. They expect you to be their rainmaker. Ardent shares more of the bottom line through a higher agent owned commission structure. Why give your current agency owner all that profit? Start being in control of your sales goal. Get paid for your value and own the business you produce. Become an Ardent Agent Owner; start reaping the rewards


Be Your Own Boss

Most people like to make their own decisions. By being an ArdentAgent you make your own decisions. No more sales manager telling you what he/she wants. No more “do it this way”, start doing it your way. Produce what you want, earn what you want and start being your own boss.


Caring with our heart and soul

What is in it for an AgentOwned client? First and Foremost, it is your client so you can put your “heart and soul” into caring for them. When a client knows they are dealing with the owner and you are passionate about being an ArdentAgent there becomes a comfort level that isn’t achieved by being an employed producer for another Agency.
Ask yourself these two questions. Is it the Agency that brings and keeps the client or is it mainly you? If you had similar resources would you rather own the business with higher commissions? If your answers are yes contact us and learn more about the benefits of becoming an Ardent Agent.