It’s simple, YOU make more money for your effort. Ardent’s vision is to grow by volume and not make as much profit as possible. We reduce our profit so we can be high-growth partner with successful producers and insurance companies. Why should the Agency profit 25% or more of the commissions you produce? We believe the answer is they shouldn’t and we are willing to “put our money where our mouth is”.

Don’t be fooled by pretenders who say you have ownership. If you read the fine print you might learn that you have to sell your book back to the Agency and/or the program is a diluted “deferred compensation” plan and not real ownership of your book. We will offer the following benefits to our ArdentAgents;


Earn Up to 100% ownership in your book

We will provide high level of services to your clients

Ardent will provide a draw

No upfront fees to join

Ardent pays higher commissions

Ardent will provide you leads

Ardent will help train you

Be your own boss and start building a Legacy